Escape from the Room: Murder in the Village (Inglés) Tapa blanda

Escape from the Room: Murder in the Village (Inglés) Tapa blanda

Murder in the village
Murder in the village

The Escape from the Room series, captures the thrills of a live escape room experience in book form. Murder in the Village finds Bernie Angel, an amateur private investigator, conspiracy theorist blogger and professional game show contestant, locked inside a police station trying to uncover the mystery behind a seemingly unsolvable murder. You, as the reader and player, must search the room, finding items to help overcome problems, decrypt codes and solve puzzles all while the story of Bernie Angels’ adventure unfolds. With the room depicted over several illustrated pages, you may revisit any part of the room to look for clues that may help you solve puzzles as you navigate your way through the book. The book shares similarities with a ‘choose your own adventure’ in that you do not read front to back, the solution to each puzzle gives the page number to visit next. With included hints, reaching the conclusion to the book is achievable for all, giving everybody the chance to solve the murder and escape from the room. This book mimics the key elements of a live escape room in a portable format available for everyone to experience. As with escape rooms, how you play it is up to you. You can play it on your own, or with friends, working through the puzzles and challenges for that sweet moment of victory. Challenge yourself to crack it in one sitting or you may be looking to chip away at it over.


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Escape from the Room: Murder in the Village (Inglés) Tapa blanda
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